Capaccio Paestum headquarters of the World Cup in 2016 for the Deaf

ICSD PRESIDENT Valery Rukhledev

CAPACCIO PAESTUM. The town of Capaccio Paestum has been officially designated as the site of the Soccer World Championship11 for the hearing impaired. In fact, From June 19 to July 2, 2016, the city of Temples will hold the third edition of the World ICSD, in synergy with the City of Agropoli: the President of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf, Valery Rukhledev (in the picture), has confirmed. The Italian Deaf Sports Federation (FSSI) expressed gratitude and satisfaction to the mayor of Capaccio Paestum, Italo Voza, and to the committeemen of Sport, Franco Sica. "This is an important victory for the FSSI and for Italian sportsmen. It is the best way to honour the Italian Flag, said the Federal President, Guido Zanecchia.


"It's great news, a World Championship in Capaccio Paestum is something extraordinary:we will get to work to provide the stadium 'Mario Vecchio of Capaccio Scalo of the artificial grass. In addition to this, we will modernize all the other Municipal sports facilities: This is the comment of the Mayor Voza, who recalls that the event will be organized in collaboration with the City of Agropoli, which will provide sports facilities and equipment. You can see in the picture below, the official certificate of assignment of the World Championship for the hearing impaired 2016 in Capaccio Paestum.

Also the Mayor of Agropoli Franco Alfieri and the Assessor Eugenio Benevento have expressed their happiness. According to them, this sport event is a great opportunity for the touristic and social development of Agropoli.

Agropoli students will take part in the contest: “Make the Logo”, “Make the Mascot” of the Soccer World Championship. Winners will be awarded by the Legea Technical sponsor and by the Main sponsor of the International event.


The World Championship of Paestum-Agropoli 2016 is a great sport event, which will bring in Italy 32 national teams (16 male and 16 female) for the title of world champion. The countries will come to the last stage after their continental qualifications. Participating athletes must be deaf with the audiometric certificate checked and validated by the ICSD, and they must play without using hearing aids. Sport, and thus also the kick of the deaf, follows the same rules as football "normal hearing", that's why you need a synergistic partnership with the FIGC and AIA who are directly involved in the management of the sports event. The "silent sport" is, in fact, a "true demonstration of sport integration because the athletes are deaf members and they also play in the FIGC and CONI Federations with the highest regulations.If they play with the FSSI or in an international deaf competition, they care about communication, so it is allowed to referee and linesman to wave flags or another to compensate for the whistle that cannot be heard by competitors. The technical and athletic levels of the event are high. In fact in silent sport world there are more and more frequently deaf athletes who have reached the same levels as those of able-bodied athletes such as: Lance Allred, player in the NBA's Basketball, or Derrick Coleman, the player who played in the NFL SuperBowl Americana.


In addition to the 1,000 athletes who will take part in the Soccer World Championship "Paestum-Agropoli 2016" (and they will stay in Campania about 3 weeks). About 5000 tourists are expected to be present, in the two weeks of racing, they come to Italy to follow their national teams and as many 5000 from Italy to follow our athletes. That's why the sports event is also an opportunity for tourists to know our immense historical-architectural, landscape, food and wine . For this reason, the COL is planning moments of "barrier-free tourism", with special paths for deaf tourists (often forgotten) that do not require removal of "barriers" but rather of "barriers of communication" with international and Italian sign language interpreters, who translate all the information of interest otherwise inaccessible to the deaf. Video will be created in Italian sign language and in the international language of signs to promote the area in the world, with modern communication tools like the web because "Paestum-Agropoli 2016" wants to get the world to bring the world Campania.


The Football World Cup "Paestum Agropoli-2016" will also have in the COL's project the honor of promoting the social education In fact, the COL will organize meetings in schools who will be directly involved in the project with a contest consisting in the creation of the World Cup mascot and we will also organise conferences and meeting days to talk about themes such as: Sports as a way of integration and the issues of deafness. Our planet is full of riches and not just full of problems, which receives little attention and visibility. The deaf and hearing people of the local area will be protagonists because they will be educated through international language of signs courses, so they can acquire skills that will remain as a local resource for future initiatives


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